A. returns positive double values.
B. is a true random number generator.
C. returns a different sequence of values each time it is run.
D. is a pseudo-random number generator.
A. a data type
B. a variable used to hold a number from the computer's internal clock.
C. a header file.
D. a built-in library function which will return a value from the internal clock.
A. int value = 1 rand( ) % 28;
B. int number - 28 rand( ) % 52;
C. int rand_num = 28 rand( ) % 25;
D. int random_value = 28 rand( ) % 24;
A. the built-in library function pow(x,y).
B. the exponent symbol ^.
C. concatenation.
D. the built-in library function pow10(x).
A. malloc(variable_name, 0)
B. dealloc();
C. memalloc(variable_name, 0)
D. free();
A. standard error types
B. standard error
C. standard error definitions
D. standard error streams
A. flushes only specified stream.
B. flushes all streams and specified streams.
C. flushes file buffer.
D. flushes input/output buffer.
A. randomize( );
B. int number = 2 rand( ) % 5;
C. srand(time(NULL));
D. randomize(timer);
A. strchar()
B. strnchar()
C. strrchr()
D. strrchar()
A. 1, 2 and 3
B. 1 and 2 only
C. All of the above
D. 4 and 5 only
A. Methods
B. Classes
C. Classes, Methods and Member-Variables
D. Classes and Methods
A. Linker
C. Visual Studio.NET
D. ASP.NET Runtime
A. Run-time
B. Compile-time
C. Linking-time
D. Design-time
A. 1, 2, 3
B. 1, 2
C. All of the above
D. 4, 5
A. [ assembly : AssemblyDescription("DCube Component Library") ]
B. [ AssemblyDescription("DCube Component Library") ]
C. < Assembly: AssemblyDescription("DCube Component Library") >
D. [ Assemblylnfo : AssemblyDescription("DCube Component Library") ]
A. To create a custom attribute we need to create a class and implement IAttribute interface in it.
B. To create a custom attribute we need to create a custom attribute structure and derive it from System.Attribute.
C. The CLR can change the behaviour of the code depending upon the attributes applied to it.
D. If a BugFixAttribute is to receive three parameters then the BugFixAttribute class should implement a zero-argument constructor.